Gil Fronsdal leads an Anapanasati Exploring Impermanence and Awareness. If you take a long exhale, something special happens at the end of it- stillness.

As you let your breath return to normal. There is with your breathing a rhythm. Some people like to think of it as a cyclic rhythm- breathing in and breathing out. See if you can tune in to that rhythm. How it is for you. Whatever it is. Simply tune in to breathing. 

It's a wonderful phenomena of change- impermanence. Breathing like you're riding a wave. Catching the up-swells, being lifted up with the in-breath.  Settling down on the backside of the wave on the exhale.

And as you inhale, see if you can let go of any thoughts that you have. Like a wind that blows the thoughts away. See if the mind can become brighter and clearer. In a gentle way, a little bit that energize the mind.

And in the exhale, relax the body, relax the shoulders, and relaxing the body as you exhale.

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