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August 24, 2016

Tara Brach talks about Gratitude & Generosity. Breathing in & out, letting go is one of expressing gratitude to the world.

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In this talk, Tara Brach explores how gratitude enhances our sense of happiness, presence, and generosity. In contrast to those moments when we are trying to achieve something, to change what’s present, or to seek out something different, embodying a state of gratitude grounds us in a sense of deep inner peace and contentment.

Happiness, Gratitude and Generosity

Brach explains how gratitude naturally brings about a sense of happiness. When we feel grateful for everything around us, we feel an expansive sense of wonder and contentment in our aliveness. She also explains that gratitude is intricately linked to generosity. When we feel blessed by all that we have, we are more likely to be in a state of being that doesn’t fear the idea of sharing or giving to others.

Loving What’s Here & Remembering What Matters

Being aware of (and loving) whatever is here right now and remembering what truly matters are two different paths into gratitude. First, as we harness our ability to accept the nature of the present moment, we naturally release our tendency to want things to be different. On the second path, as we tune into what is most important in life, we shed some of our expectations that do not help us to embody a deep sense of peace and contentment. Loving kindness practices can also help us to reach this inner sense of contentment and gratitude for the present moment.

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