Heartfelt Meditation

March 20, 2017 Sean Fargo min read

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Joseph Goldstein leads guided heartfelt meditation on Metta – the feeling of kindliness, loving-kindness, and heartfelt. Of friendliness and goodwill.

More Heartfelt Meditation

After listening to this audio, also watch this Guided Metta Meditation video. Joseph Goldstein takes you on a calming, guided heartfelt meditation for 48 minutes to help you understand what loving-kindness in practice is.

Also read our 8 Mindfulness Exercises for Love and Compassion. From trauma and depression to anger and contempt, a variety of human experiences act as invitations for us to deepen our sense of the transformative power of love. As we open our hearts to this broader way of viewing ourselves, our pasts, and those around us, our experience of compassion grows and our life transforms in infinite ways. These 8 mindfulness exercises online are examples of practices and teachings we can explore in relation to our search for greater peace, happiness, and unconditional acceptance.

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