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Big Flower, Small Flower

Gil Fronsdal talks about Acharias- women who have become gurus of the Buddhism teachings. He said the path of the Buddha leads to liberation.

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Stories That People Will Say About Us

Sylvia Boorstein tells a story that leads to Siddharta, it deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery. We all have stories to share with people.

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Use Your Mind To Change Your Brain

Rick Hanson talks about using your mind to change the brain. According to studies on meditation, neurons improve and changes the brain.

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Using the Mind to Change the Brain

Rick Hanson talks about Using the Mind to Change the Brain, how the experiences leave lasting residues behind in the brain for better or worse, and how we can use this to teach the brain to become calmer,

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How To Build Confidence

Gil Fronsdal talks about How To Build Confidence. Confidence is a personal quality and how we relate, to show up, to be present and be honest and expressive.

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Matthew Brensilver talks about Vision. Seeing is feeling. Visual feeling is one part of mindfulness that can be very useful, as during walking meditations.

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