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My Favorite New Mindfulness Books

    Dear friends, My friend Gary Gach just wrote a wonderful book called Pause, Breathe, Smile. – The Pause is about setting our intention before we think, speak, or act

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Mindfulness Of Your Blind Spots

Dear friends, From our earliest years, we all acquire blind spots in the way we perceive, feel, and think. Driven by our biology, life experiences, cultural messages, and physical environment, they profoundly

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The Power of Mindfulness Retreats

Dear friends, Many mindfulness teachers agree that the fastest way to deepen your integrated, embodied mindfulness is by attending a silent residential retreat. The first few days are usually difficult,

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Morning Affirmations To Condition Your Mind for The Best Day Ever

Listening to positive affirmations are useful in rewiring your brain to feel more joy and happiness in all ares of your life. Open yourself up to see the beauty in life that is all around you and Let

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Morning Affirmations To Start Your Day On The Right Foot (Daily Affirmations)

Morning Affirmations (Daily Affirmations) are the core to a beautiful day! Use these positive affirmations every morning before getting out of bed (at least 7 minutes at a time), and see how it changes

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Positive Thinking Affirmations

This is a determined approach to positive thinking. Your life is one and only — accept that your reality can be whatever you want it to be. Choose to be positive and know that your are special,

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Self-Discipline Through Mindfulness – How To Become More Disciplined

In this video I will be talking about the superpower that is mindfulness. If you want to have self-discipline you need mindfulness. In life we are going to be exposed to various temptations and urges,

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Finding Me (A Journey To Get To Know Yourself & Where You Want To Be)

Get to know yourself through guided meditations and reflections to yourself. Find your way to yourself with this mindfulness exercise.To download this free ebook, click on the top right corner and click

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RSA Replay – Search Inside Yourself

Sean Fargo offers this Search Inside Yourself course for leaders and companies of all sizes around the world. . Download this pdf proposal to learn more. . Instance 1 50 Guided

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Why Achievers Crash and Burn [Video]

Why do achievers crash and burnout so often? It’s usually because of these four horsemen of achievement: 1. The Need to Help Everyone2. Lost Focus3. No Skill Acquisition4. No Celebration

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