I’ve been thinking a lot about the need for mindful community these last few months – about how as humans, having a safe and supportive space to connect with others in an authentic way is crucial to our health and wellbeing. In today’s modern lifestyle, finding mindful communion with others can be challenging. From the pervasive distractions we all face to the speed at which we are meant to get things done, connecting with others authentically and meaningfully is not something we’re largely supported in doing. That’s why I have designed, and am now ready to launch, the Mindfulness Exercises Community.

Mindfulness Exercises Community

The intention of this community is to provide an online space that encourages shared exploration of mindfulness with individuals from all across the globe. While we might sometimes feel alone in our mindfulness practice and intentions, the truth is that there are more people than we often consider who are also exploring ways of living more mindfully. Improving and deepening the relationship we have with ourselves, our relationships with others, our mental and physical wellbeing, our focus and clarity, our creativity, and countless other facets of our lives, mindfulness exploration is a pursuit that many of us are diving into – heart first.

The community is completely free to join and is open to everyone. All we ask is that you respect our rules and etiquette guidelines to help keep the space safe, welcoming, and positive.

If you’re unsure of where to start, you can begin by registering here. You’ll need to login to be able to post in forums and to gain full access to the community’s features. Once you’re signed up, you might consider exploring:

  • Our main Forum page. From here, you can read and post in whichever category resonates with you most strongly at present. From ‘Stress, Anxiety, Anger & Sadness’ to ‘Communication & Relationships’, there are plenty of corners to explore. If you have insights or resources to offer to others, feel free to share those in the appropriate categories as well.
  • Our Clubs page. Join a club or start your own. From book clubs to location-based groups, get involved wherever you feel inspired to – and if nothing is resonating quite fully, create your own club to connect with others who have similar interests.
  • Our Gallery. Get inspired by mindfulness related quotes, infographics, and photos. View what’s there or upload your own images. There’s even a gallery dedicated to sharing photos of the space where you practice mindfulness or meditation.
  • Our Calendar. If you’re interested in joining a mindfulness retreat or event, have a look at the events listed in the calendar. If you know of any other relevant events happening around the world, share them in this space as well.
  • Our Member Map. See which cities and countries are currently represented in the community – and keep your eye out for those close to you!

There are plenty of other nooks to explore here, each of which will grow and expand as the community does. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out via our Contact Us link (at the bottom left-hand side of your screen) or, for tech support, at support@mindfulnessexercises.com. There is also a forum for site support and feedback that might hold any answers you’re looking for as the community grows.

We are really looking forward to seeing this community evolve over time! We will keep you posted on exciting news, updates, and developments as time moves forward and the community flourishes.

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