Take our free mindfulness tests to reveal how mindful you actually are. These standardized tests can give an idea of what you should focus on.


Dear friends,

Have you ever wondered how mindful you are, technically? Many scientists have created tests to figure out how mindful people tend to be, on average.

Some of us wear rose-colored glasses, while others of us downplay our mindfulness. Having standardized tests (like this mindfulness test) can help us ‘diagnose’ how mindful we really are.

It’s important to remember that mindfulness includes an attitude of ‘non-judgment’, or a sense of curious, open awareness without the overlay of good or bad, right or wrong, or that something should be different than it is. Any test that simply equates ‘attention’ with mindfulness without inquiring about the attitude behind it may be circumspect.

Below are some free mindfulness tests and quizzes that may be helpful in discovering how mindful you’ve been lately. I hope you find them useful!

With warmth and appreciation,

Sean Fargo

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Free Mindfulness Tests - Mind Full, or Mindful?

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