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April 12, 2020
Mindfulness While Being Creative. Creativity can boost self-awareness, relieve stress, and help you solve problems more easily. Cultivate mindfulness while indulging your creative side.
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The Creative Flow

Taking the time to be creative during your day can build lasting benefits in all areas of your life.

Creativity can boost self-awareness, relieve stress, and help you solve problems more easily.

In addition, you can cultivate mindfulness while indulging your creative side.

Do this exercise with your activity of choice, and remember that you can pause at any time

and use this technique to encourage present time awareness.

Get a blank piece of paper and a pen.

If you want to use crayons, markers, or colored pencils, that is even better.

Set aside 10 minutes, perhaps setting a timer if it helps you really dedicate the time to practice.

Mindfulness While Being Creative, Mindfulness While Being Creative

Bring your awareness to your experience in this moment.

Feel the pen in the hand, see the piece of paper, and notice any thoughts going through the mind.

If judgment arises about your creative talents, notice them as they come up.

Start drawing.

You don’t need to create a masterpiece.

There is nothing wrong with stick figures and doodles.

Draw whatever you want.

It may be a happy memory, scenery, or something you can see right now.

As you draw, notice what you are drawing.

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