Death is an illusion, life is a dream. Thought-Provoking idea. The present moment is the only moment available to us and is the doorway to all moments.

Whenever the thought of impending death becomes too threatening, we give more importance to the exhalation, to relaxing and letting go. More importance does not mean to change the breath. It only means more attention, more importance mentally. And we relax and let it go. Relax and let go.

But at other times we might find that the fact of our mortality is not really sinking into the mind. And in such times, we might decide to give more importance to the inhalation, to the fact that I cannot be sure. I cannot be sure even of the next breath. This could be my last breath and even if it is not my last breath it is certainly one breath closer to death. With every breath we are coming closer to death.

And coming ever closer to death we are preparing for death. We are facing it. We are training in the art of dying.

We are no longer running away from our own shadow.

And training in the art of dying is training in the art of living. Death is part of life. We can only live fully when we accept death, when we face death rather than pretending it is not there. Gradually slowly we become whole by allowing death to be a part of our life.

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