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Master self-discipline through mindfulness and learn how to become more disciplined. Fight temptations that trap your mind and achieve high-level goals.

In this video I will be talking about the superpower that is mindfulness. If you want to have self-discipline you need mindfulness.

In life we are going to be exposed to various temptations and urges, the usual human response is to give in to these temptations. Your mind only cares about surviving and reproducing, your higher level goals that require discipline are just obstructions to the mind.

Mindfulness allows you to have a choice between stimulus and response. You can learn to feel the urges and understand them for what they truly are; sensations arising in consciousness. Upon this realization, you can decide your choice.

This ability to analyze the traps that arise in consciousness is what it ultimately going to lead to your self-mastery and improved self-discipline.

Becoming more disciplined has an array of benefits, and you must master this skill if you wish to enjoy them.

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