Mindful Compassion: Living with Fullness, Connection, and Awareness
The Consequences of Being Ungrateful & How Mindfulness Can Help
Self-Compassion Visualization: The Blanket of Love
Self-Compassion Through the Body
Intention of Self-Compassion
Identifying Self-Judgment and Bringing in Self-Compassion
Directional Compassion
Cultivating Self-Care and Extending It Out
Breathing Self-Compassion
Self-Compassion Pause
Kindness for Your Thinking Mind
Compassion for Your Emotions
Compassion for the Whole Body
Noticing Your Helpers
Meditation with a Pet
Loving Kindness Meditation Script
Loving Kindness – The Child
Gratitude When You’ve Got Attitude
Sleep Meditation – Compassion for Friend
Sleep Meditation – Compassion for Friend and Self
Sleep Meditation – Gratitude Body Scan
Mindfulness Body Scan for Self Compassion
Mindfulness Body Scan for Gratitude
Sharing Gratitude
The Mother Meditation Guided Script
Cultivating a Stable Mind
Forgiveness Meditation
Gratitude for Pregnancy
Gratitude for Your Body
Growing Happiness in the Mind
Intention to be Happy
Letting Go of Resentments by Forgiving Faults
Listening and Speaking with a Partner
Making Room for Pain or Discomfort
Recognition and Care for Those Who Frustrate You
Reduce Envy And Celebrate Others
Seeing Other People As Human Beings Rather Than Labels
The Practice Of Smiling
8 Meditation Scripts for Stress