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September 2, 2020
Sleep Meditation - Gratitude Body Scan. Today, we’ll be adding in a little twist, so we’ll be doing a gratitude body scan. Scanning and moving through the body.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Sleep Meditation – Gratitude Body Scan” Guided Meditation Script:

Welcome back to another guided sleep meditation.
Getting comfortable in your bed.
And in this practice today, we’ll be continuing with the body scan practice but today we’ll be adding in a little twist, so we’ll be doing a gratitude body scan.

So, as we move through the body, scanning through, we’ll be sending some gratitude and appreciation.
Appreciating what the body does for us, being grateful for it.

So, you may want to lay on your back for this meditation.
Looking up towards the ceiling.
Arms at your sides.
Letting your belly be soft.
And letting the breath be natural.
So, there’s no need to control the breath.

See if you can sink a little bit lower into the mattress.
Can you let gravity pull you down?

And connecting with the full body.
Can you feel the general outline or shape of your body?
What does it feel like to have a body?

Sleep Meditation - Gratitude Body Scan, Sleep Meditation – Gratitude Body Scan

And we can start this gratitude body scan by bringing our attention to the top of the head, the area of the scalp or the crown of the head.

And as we go through, just inviting that sense of gratitude for the roll that each of these body parts plays in our life.

So, starting at the top of the head and feeling the skull and the scalp.
And perhaps sending some gratitude for the protection that it provides.
Thank you for keeping my brain safe.

Moving down the forehead, becoming aware of the eyes and the eye sockets.
Sending gratitude for the gift of sight.
Thank you for giving me the ability to see.
Thank you.

Moving down and feeling the nose and the nostrils.
And giving gratitude for the sense of smell.
Thank you for allowing me to smell.

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