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Listening and Speaking with a Partner

Listening and Speaking with a Partner. This exercise requires a partner. Ask a friend or loved one to join you for 10 minutes of practice.

Dedicated Listening

This exercise requires a partner.

Ask a friend or loved one to join you for 10 minutes of practice.

They may be a complete beginner to mindfulness or have a practice of their own.

It doesn’t matter!

In this exercise, you both will be working with the practice of listening mindfully.

Whomever you choose, they should be somebody you trust.

The practice will require some vulnerability.

The partner who is listening should listen attentively, with a clear mind and no judgment.

Try to be present with the experience of listening, and let go of the need to respond.

While listening, you should retain awareness of your own experience as you take in the words the other is saying.

Explore what it means to be present while listening.

When speaking, practice mindful speech.

Be honest, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and observe the words you are saying.

Listening and Speaking with a Partner

Sit down at eye level with your partner.

Choose one person to speak first while the other listens.

Set a timer for four minutes.

The person who speaks first can begin talking about goals and intentions they have—

for their day, for their loved ones, for their future, and so on.

When the timer goes off, switch roles.

The other person can now talk about their goals and intentions, while the other person practices mindful listening.

When the timer completes, spend a few minutes conversing.

How was the practice?

What was it like to sit and just listen?

Was it difficult to not respond?


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