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March 26, 2022

This meditation is to support us in identifying our self-judgment and then bringing self-compassion to meet it. 

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Self-judgment and self-criticism can be very engrained thought patterns, so much so that we don’t fully realize they are present.

Many of us have a lot of conditioning that negatively impacts the thoughts we hold about ourselves. And many of us are just starting to recognize the ways in which we talk to ourselves or how often we treat ourselves with unkindness.

Much like improving our physical health, it’s important to first be aware of the ways in which we are suffering as a result of self-judgment.

It’s also important to not start judging ourselves for judging ourselves. We have been doing our best, and self-compassion is a skill that must be practiced like any other skill.

This meditation is to support us in identifying our self-judgment and then bringing self-compassion to meet it. 

Identifying Self-Judgment, Identifying Self-Judgment and Bringing in Self-Compassion

Allow your eyes to do whatever they need to do for you to have the most awareness without being distracted by your surroundings. For some of us, that means allowing our eyelids to close; for others, it means letting them be half open, softening our gaze, and letting our point of focus rest towards the earth.

And now, tune into your breathing. This is to help you come into contact with how your body is feeling now, and with the present moment.

The breath anchors us to the present because it is only ever happening now; not in the future, not in the past.

So just tuning in, and noticing: where are you feeling your breath?

Is it more in the chest area, or the throat, or around your nostrils?


If your breathing feels a little shallow, what does it feel like to allow yourself to deepen your breath, breathing right into the bottom of your lungs?

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