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Reduce Envy And Celebrate Others

Reduce envy and celebrate others. This guided script is a celebration of loving-kindness. It wishes the abundance of goodness and love for all beings.

Try this
meditation practice:
Celebratory Love.

Find a location
where you can sit
place your feet
flat on the floor,
and adjust your position
and posture,
until your body
feels both alert
and open.

Lengthen your spine,
as if it were an antenna.

Lift your heart
as if you were
offering it up
as a gift.

you will hear
my voice
followed by periods
of silence;
in the silence,
continue to offer
your good wishes.

We will begin
and end this practice
with the sounds
of a chime.

Take a few
deep breaths,
bringing your awareness
to each
as it rises
and falls.

Set an intention
for this session;
perhaps it's to
reduce envy,
or learn to
the success of others.

Good events,
large and small,
are abundant
in other people's lives.

All you need
to do
is awaken to them.

Throughout this session,
bring your awareness
to your heart region;
notice how your practice
affects your body,
even your face.

Know that the
and sensations
you create
are more important
than the words

Visualize someone
who is experiencing
good fortune.

Reduce Envy And Celebrate Others

It could be a
big event,
like a
healthy newborn,
or a promotion at work,
or small,
like enjoying a run
or a sense of ease
as the day unfolds.

Absorb the scope
of this person's
good fortune;
all events,
good and bad
fade with time,
and all people
to be happy.

Right now,
for this person,
that universal wish
is coming true.

Silently repeat
this classic wish
for this person
from your heart.

May your happiness
and good fortune

May your happiness
and good fortune

this ancient wish
over and again;
with each breath
you take,
let it infuse,
and soften your heart
and your face.

Visualize yourself
supporting this person,
celebrating this
good fortune;
his or her
to linger,
just a bit longer.

May your good fortune

As your practice
find out new ways
to soften
and expand
your heart's capacity.

Consider the good fortunes
of people
you don't even know.

May your happiness

Though you can't make
good fortune
last forever,
you can
condition your heart
to appreciate
other people's blessings
and open to them.

As you end this meditation,
know that you can
lovingly celebrate
with others
anytime you wish.


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