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Gratitude for Your Body

Gratitude for Your Body. The body scan is a powerful technique, which helps to re-establish contact with the body, effective for developing concentration.

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Loving-Kindness Body Scan Meditation

The body scan is a powerful technique,
which helps us to re-establish contact with the body,
and it is effective for developing both concentration and flexibility of attention. 

The intention of the Loving-Kindness Body Scan is to help us be more loving and kind to our bodies.

This includes sickness, physical aches and pains, cancer, arthritis, back pain,
knee pain, old age, all the physical phenomena we experience.

Using the Loving-Kindness Body Scan, we meet each part of our bodies with great respect and gentleness as best we can.

Loving-kindness practice for your body is like taking an internal shower;
it helps to remove some of the inner blockages to the body,
and helps both the mind and body feel more at ease.

Meeting each body part with loving-kindness is a way to reconnect, and make friends, with your body.

To begin this Loving-Kindness Body Scan practice, please prepare yourself
for meditation by turning off your cell phone, and any other device which may disturb your meditation.

Find a space where you can feel safe, and can relax.

A good position to take while doing the Loving-Kindness Body Scan is to lie down.

Gratitude for Your Body

You might want to roll a towel up, and place it under your knees;
let your head rest on a pillow for support.

You want to be comfortable,
but not so comfortable that you fall asleep.

If you find you are having difficulty staying awake,
it is often helpful to keep your eyes open;
it is also fine to do this meditation sitting in a chair, if you prefer.

It is common to find that your mind is wondering when you are doing the Loving-Kindness Body Scan.

Just notice this:
when it happens, observe where your attention has gone,
and then gently bring it back to the region you are focusing on.

As you move through your body, if you notice pain,
note precisely what the qualities of sensation are;
then treat the sensation with as much kindness as you can,
as you keep going with the meditation.

This practice teaches us how to respond to unpleasant sensations by acknowledging them,
and moving on without getting stuck,
or making up a story about them.

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