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A Guide To Spirituality Without Religion

Dear friends, For those of you who want spirituality without religion, I encourage you to meet Sam Harris. He wrote a wonderful guide to meditation as a rational practice, informed

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The Importance Of Finding Quiet Time

Dear friends, With all the noise in the world right now, it’s important that we create moments of quiet for ourselves. Quiet helps us to think. To process. To rest. To be. Here are some free mindfulness

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New: 100 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Dear friends, Want to build your daily mindfulness habit with simple, easy-to-follow mindfulness exercises? I’m now extending our popular 28 Day Mindfulness Challenge to a full 100 Day Mindfulness

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Free Meditations Wherever You Go

Dear friends, Want to be able to listen to free mindfulness meditations wherever you are? Here are some ways to access my free mindfulness meditations from your car, office, meditation cushion, or even

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Short Mindfulness Quotes & Processes

  Dear friends, It’s funny how a short, pithy question can help unlock us from our daydreams, confusions and disappointments. During a particularly long season of suffering in my life,

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Top 10 Most Popular Mindfulness Worksheets

Dear friends, With 350,000 visitors in the past two years, 10 mindfulness worksheets have stood out from the rest as the most popular. The mindfulness topics range greatly – from art therapy to humor

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Mindfulness For Beginners

    Dear friends, Are you or someone you know relatively new to mindfulness? Do you want some of the best practices for learning the basics? I included some of the best ‘beginner’

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Free Mindfulness Tests

  Dear friends, Have you ever wondered how mindful you are, technically? Many scientists have created tests to figure out how mindful people tend to be, on average. Some of us wear rose-colored glasses,

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My Favorite Mindfulness Resources

    Dear friends, With a growing number of mindfulness resources out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are worthy of our time and attention. Here is a list of my favorite mindfulness

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Free Mindfulness Retreats

    Dear friends, As you may know, I strongly encourage most people to try a silent 5+ day mindfulness retreat. Retreats can deeply enhance people’s experiential understanding of ‘nonjudgmental,

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