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April 5, 2020
Open Awareness for Thoughts and Senses: Open awareness practice can give us the gift of being aware. Aware of things like our thoughts, and emotions,
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Here’s a Sample of the “Open Awareness for Thoughts and Senses” Guided Meditation Script:

Let's begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle into a comfortable position.

You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open (2 seconds)

allowing the spine to lift, the shoulders to soften (5 seconds).

Today we will practice open awareness (2 seconds).

As we've explored, the open awareness practice can give us the gift of being aware.

Aware of things like our thoughts, and emotions, what's happening in our relationships,

but without getting stuck or hung up on them, as we may usually do.

Open awareness practice helps us to have a gentle matter-of-factness
saying to ourselves,

“Oh this is here, got it. How might I need this?”

So we'll begin by taking a full breath in and a long breath out (5 seconds).

Open Awareness for Thoughts and Senses, Open Awareness for Thoughts and Senses

Noticing the in breath (2 seconds), noticing the out breath (5 seconds).

Allow the breath to settle now and to find its own natural rhythm.

Letting the breath breathe itself.

Try not to interfere with the process and notice how the body moves in response to the breath.

The chest expands (2 seconds), it relaxes (2 seconds)

the belly rises (2 seconds) and falls (5 seconds).

Now gently expand your awareness to whatever is arising (2 seconds).

You may notice thoughts, sensations, sounds, all coming and going.

All arising and passing away (5 seconds).

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