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New: 100 Day Mindfulness Challenge


Dear friends,

Want to build your daily mindfulness habit with simple, easy-to-follow mindfulness exercises?

I’m now extending our popular 28 Day Mindfulness Challenge to a full 100 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Each day for 100 straight days, you’ll receive:
– a free mindfulness audio meditation
– a free worksheet
– journaling reflection prompts
– a detailed mindfulness infographic
– special bonus gifts

The 28-Day version was our most popular offering around the world, with thousands of people staying committed to this free step-by-step program.

Our new and improved 100 Day Mindfulness Challenge includes:
– mindfulness of breathing
– mindful walking
– gratitude
– concentration
– open awareness
– forgiveness
– loving kindness
– self-compassion
– mindful movements
– relaxation techniques
– emotional regulation
– mindfulness of death
– and much, much more…

To register for free, visit HERE.

Regardless, thank you for your mindfulness practice!

With deep appreciation,

Sean Fargo
Founder, Mindfulness Exercises
Skype: seanfargo

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New: 100 Day Mindfulness Challenge

New: 100 Day Mindfulness Challenge