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Sky-like Mind

As you turn inward to the sky, and the sky-like mind, Remember, this is who you are. You are not the clouds, not the weather, not the storms, or the rain.

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Take a comfortable seat in a place that’s quiet and free from distractions
Close your eyes, and sit up a little taller.
With your chin neutral, left the crown of your head toward the sky
At the same time, release your shoulders, soften your belly, and relax into your thighs

Breathe slowly, patiently and evenly in and out through your nose
Let the length of each exhale breath be at least as long as the length of the inhale

Settle in on a breath that’s quiet, comfortable, and easy

(pause 3 breaths)

As you sit here, watching and noticing breath, notice also how the mind is always at play
Thoughts come and go. Perhaps emotions.
As thoughts arise, if we can let them be, they’ll also dissipate, or fade away

Another thought may take its place,
Or better yet, there’s just space

Recognize that space between the thoughts,
The moments when it’s just you sitting here, watching the breath
There’s nothing to do right now, other than pay attention to breath

(pause 3 breaths)

As you sit here, present with breath,
There’s still movement in the mind
This time, when you recognize a thought, or the process of thinking
Watch that thought as if you’re watching it from a distance

Notice, how there’s the part of you that’s thinking
But also, there’s the part of you that’s watching, witnessing, noticing the thought

There’s a separation between your thoughts, and you, the thinker
And further back, behind all that, there’s the you that’s awareness itself

(pause 3 breaths)

Thoughts, and the movement of your mind, the appearance of your mind
Like clouds in the sky

Moving, changing, coming and going
They take shape, the last for a while, then they dissipate - like a cloud dissolving into thin air

Some light and wispy
Others heavy, creating storms, causing rain

But each of these clouds, every thought, every emotion, all this activity of the mind
Just a dance of energy across the sky

The sky, the foundation, is the greater awareness from which these clouds arise and play

Sky-like Mind

The sky sometimes obscured by the clouds,
But always present
Always there, underneath
Spacious, clear, infinite, and free

Free in that the sky is never disturbed by the clouds
Through all the storms, all the weather,
It is there, present, stable, and fair

(pause for 3 breaths)

As you notice activity, weather, thoughts or emotions, the clouds
Turn further inward, home towards the sky

Identify with this spaciousness,
The foundational ground in which the clouds get to play
What’s the true nature of the sky?

Identify with this sky-like sensation
This clear luminosity, white or blue
Identify with the spaciousness
Infinite space
Identify with the ease, the peacefulness, the joy
The inherent nature of the sky

(pause for 3 breaths)

As you turn inward to sky, and the sky-like mind
Remember, this is who you are

You are not the clouds, not the weather, not the storms or the rain
You are the witness, the watcher, the container for it all
You are spacious, and no matter what,
At peace, at ease, vast, and free

Keep turning inward, past the weather, to this sky-like ground
Curious about the nature of the sky,
The nature of your mind
And who it is that you really are


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