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Fresh and New

Fresh and New. Everything fresh, everything new, everything perfect. Notice everything without judgment. Stay open, curious, aware.

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Find a seat in a quiet place that is free from distractions
Evenly root your sitz bones towards the earth
Sit up tall and lengthen your spine
Release your shoulders from your ears and rest your hands in your lap

Breathe gently, slowly, and quietly in and out through your nose
Close your eyes, to turn your attention inwards

As you turn inwards, let your breath awareness guide you towards awareness of the body itself
Feel how the body moves with each breath
Still aware of your connection to your seat, your posture, the length of your spine

Decide that you’ll continue to watch the body itself
As if you were a scientist
Notice everything without judgement
Stay open, curious, aware

Can you note each physical sensation that arises
Noting only the physical sensation
Not your opinion of it, not your labeling of it, not your judgement or description

Fresh and New

Simply, sensation in the knee, for example.
Just take note

(pause 3-5 breaths)

Analyze nothing
Just witness, just watch

Your job is just to notice

(pause 3-5 breaths)

If there’s no sensation, note that too
No need to go looking for sensation,
Just remain present with what is
Note what arises
And then let the mind rest back again

(pause 3-5 breaths)

Stay curious
With an open curiosity
A curiosity that sees everything as brand new
Everything is fresh

Each sensation, especially if you’ve felt it before, gets to be new
What if this time, it is different?
Can you allow for difference, or newness to arise?

Hold space for each sensation to be what it is
By refusing to label, refusing to judge, refusing to describe it as good, or bad

Stay open, stay aware
Take note

(pause 3-5 breaths)

Stay present with the body
Allow the body to show you
Where your mind tends to go
How your mind tends to judge

As you say open, and curious,
Notice if there’s resistance in the mind

Release that resistance by dropping back into curiosity
Curious about sensation in the body itself
And curious about what the meditation is teaching you

(pause 3-5 breaths)

What begins with curiosity,
When given space, when given freedom,
Eventually becomes awe

Hold the space to see each sensation as it arises with a sense of awe
A deep sense of wonder, a deep sense of amazement

No sensation is any one thing,
No sensation is any one way
Hold space for each sensation to unfold in a brand new way
Your mind, noticing with a brand new consciousness

Everything fresh, everything new, everything perfect.
Notice everything without judgement
Stay open, curious, aware

Curious about sensation in the body itself
And curious about what the meditation is teaching you


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