Read this free meditation ebook by Ajahn Sucitto. "Meditation - An Outline" follows the tradition of Theravada Buddhism to get you started with the practice of meditation.

What You'll Learn on this Free Meditation Ebook

On this meditation ebook, you will learn the basic themes of meditation like mindfulness of the body, know the different postures for meditation, and have a self-reflections. 

You will also learn about cultivating awareness, clearing awareness, brightening the mind, the development of insight, and a whole lot more of learnings. You'll also get advise on what to do and what not to do in meditation.

There are some Pali words that you will encounter on this ebook but the author provided a reference at the end where you can see the common translations of those words.

After reading this ebook, you may also listen to this audio about "How to Cultivate Awareness and Love" by Mark Coleman

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