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One Meditation For Increasing Feelings of Safety, Contentment & Care

Dear friends, Rick Hanson is one of my top three favorite meditation teachers. Humble. Compassionate. Funny. Wise. Practical. He’s the kind of meditation teacher I aspire to be more like. Several

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The Most Underrated Mindfulness Practice?

    Dear friends, We often hear about the same mindfulness practices over and over again. The classic go-to practices that everyone seems to mention include: Mindfulness of Breathing Body Scans Loving

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“The Hole in the Road”

It’s hard to change something that you can’t see. This story demonstrates that awareness is the first step toward positive change, in our minds, and in our lives. It’s great motivation

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Brilliant Things Happen in Calm Minds

If we never give our minds a rest, is it any wonder that we start to get stressed out? Headspace is all about learning how create the right conditions for the mind to become calm. It doesn’t require

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OM Mantra Chanting | 8 Hours | 432Hz

OM Mantra Chanting Meditation at 432Hz for 8 Hours OM or AUM is the sound of the Universe – the sound of divine – its a powerful vibration – 432Hz is the vibrational frequency of nature

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OM Chanting @ 528Hz

OM is the mantra, or vibrations that is chanted in the beginning and end of any Meditation or Yoga Practice. OM – The most well known and universal of the bija mantras it is the sound of creation

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CHOIR sings OM SO HUM Mantra

So Hum is derived from Sanskrit and literally means “I am That” . it means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality. As we meditate on this, we realize that we are all one,

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Calming Peaceful Music

~ Jason Stephenson’s sleep music and guided meditations are a great way to relax deeply, let go of stress and help you go to sleep fast & finally enjoy 100% deep sleep. © JASON STEPHENSON &

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Calming our Scattered Minds

Listen to these affirmations (and meditate on them) You can repeat them silently to yourself after each one, and then let them go. Enjoy the beautiful music as you listen to each affirmation.

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