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April 23, 2020
Focusing on Healthy Food Choices. You may think that you have trouble choosing healthy foods, but actually you can just leave it up to your hands to decide.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Focusing on Healthy Food Choices” Guided Meditation Script:

Weight Meditation

Begin your meditation by finding a comfortable place to sit, or lie down if you prefer. ...

Let your arms rest on your knees if you’re sitting or by your sides if you are laying down.

Become aware of your fingertips, in particular, your right thumb.

Slightly move your right thumb and feel the texture of what your thumb is touching….let your thumb become still.

Bring your focus to your left thumb and move it around a little, noticing what your thumb is touching and how it feels.

Then stop…now become aware of your right pointer finger….notice the sensation in your fingertip and you move it around ever so slightly.

And stop moving this finger.

Bring your awareness to your left pointer finger, moving it around just a little bit…..and stop.

Bringing awareness to your right middle finger…..notice any sensations here as your slightly move only this finger around….and relax.

Focusing on Healthy Food Choices, Focusing on Healthy Food Choices

Focusing now on your left middle finger, just wiggle only this finger very slightly, noticing the sensations…..and relax this finger.

Allow your focus to become centered only on your right ring finger, you can move it just the tiniest amount so that you don’t move any other fingers…..and stop…..becoming aware of your left ring finger, moving it ever so slightly…and relax…

Now we have the pinkly on the right hand to focus on….move it around a little bit, noting the texture of whatever it lays upon….and stop moving your pinky, bringing your awareness to your left pinky finger…the last one….move it around slightly, noticing how this feels….and stop.

When you stop moving your fingers you notice how relaxed your hands have become.

Your hands guide you though your entire life, choosing things, and lifting things and bringing things home for you.

They deserve to relax fully.

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