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September 23, 2020
Mindful Walking Script. Many meditation traditions include walking as part of the practice. Moving is a powerful way to quiet inner chatter.
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Sometimes, it can feel impossible to sit still, let alone to sit still and “do nothing”. When we’re dealing with a lot of anxiety, or a difficult life situation that is outside of our control, the idea of not moving can feel daunting.

While meditation is often seen as something that must be done in a seated position (preferably lotus-style, with a perfectly straight spine and a mind that’s empty of any thoughts or feelings aside from pure bliss, right?)… many meditation traditions include walking as part of their practice.

Ironically, moving in meditation can be a powerful way to quiet our inner chatter, slow down the pace of our thoughts, and come into contact with the present moment, allowing our nervous systems to unwind.

Our bodies offer all the assistance we need to get into the present moment. They do this for us all the time, for free! Our bodies are a permanently open door to access the now, and to move away from believing unhelpful thoughts.


Mindful Walking Script, Mindful Walking Script

1. Choose a linear space – one where you can walk, get to a spot to stop and then change direction (rather than go in a circle).

If you’re indoors, it’s preferable to have an unobstructed area that’s at least 10 slow walking paces long. 12 or 14 feet in length is adequate. If you have a room to practice in, going from one wall to the opposite one and back again makes it easy.

If you’re outdoors, you’ll have more options. Try choosing a space where you won’t be disturbed, and where you’ll have the privacy to slow down and look like a zombie for a few minutes.

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