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January 1, 2024

This 10-minute body scan meditation script guides meditators to be mindful of both tension and relaxation in the body. An advanced practice, this script offers minimal instruction on postural set-up and foregoes explaining what the body scan is. Instead, it opens by inviting listeners to observe sensation in the body, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

Body scan meditations are typically grounding, calming practices. However, it’s important to note that the goal of a body scan meditation is not to relax or calm the body, but to become more aware of the sensations that are present, and more capable of being present with them. 

By encouraging us to observe what is arising in the body, this body scan mindfulness script helps us to become less avoidant or reactive. Over time, this allows us to address the body’s needs with more specificity and care.

  • Practice Time: < 10 minutes
  • Purpose: Enhancing body awareness
  • May Help With: Grounding, Calming, Relaxation
  • Practice Level: Advanced
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Here’s a Sample of the “An Advanced Body Scan Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Let's begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle into a comfortable position (2 seconds).

You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open allowing the spine to lift (2 seconds)

the shoulders to soften (5 seconds).

Today we will practice a body scan (5 seconds).

Taking a full breath in (2 seconds)

and a long breath out (10 seconds).

Begin by bringing your attention into your body (5 seconds).

Notice the feeling of the weight of your body on the chair, or the floor,
wherever you are (10 seconds).

And as you breathe notice how your chest and abdomen expand
to allow the air to enter your lungs (5 seconds).

What sensations are you aware of? (5 seconds)

And as you exhale bring awareness to the stillness
and notice the sense of relaxing more deeply (20 seconds)

body scan meditation script, An Advanced Body Scan Meditation Script

Now bring your attention to the top of your head,
noticing any sensations in the scalp (2 seconds),

down the back of the head (2 seconds),

to the sides (2 seconds), to the face (2 seconds).

Notice your jaw (2 seconds) if you're holding any tension in your jaw (2 seconds).

Let your face be soft (2 seconds),

relax the muscles around your eyes and your mouth (5 seconds).

Breathing in (2 seconds)

breathing out (20 seconds).

Now notice your neck and your throat (2 seconds).

Let them be soft (10 seconds)

Notice your shoulders and arms,
feel any sensations as you allow your tension to move from your shoulders
down to your upper arms, the elbow, to your forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers (15 seconds).

How to Use the Body Scan Meditation Script

Use this body scan meditation script in your personal practice, or use it to share mindfulness with others. There are several ways to do this. Each begins with familiarizing yourself with the contents of the script by reading it, and meditating with it, until you feel you’ve embodied the practice.

  • Guide an in-person practice for an individual or a group.
  • Use your smartphone to record audio of yourself reading from the script.
  • Video yourself teaching this meditation, with or without the script as a reference.

Let the script help guide the meditation’s intention, but do not hold it too tightly. Use the words that make the most sense to you, and teach with your own, authentic voice. Repetition will help you find your voice. So, make this a meditation you practice personally, and practice teaching it aloud.


A body scan meditation script can help ground us in the present moment, bringing awareness to what is arising in the body and what may be asking to be mindfully addressed. Use this script at home to enhance your personal meditation practice, or use it to guide others into a deeper state of embodied mindfulness.

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