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Cultivating Equanimity

Cultivating Equanimity. Equanimity arises through continued mindfulness. Being mindful right here and right now, of sensations in the body.

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Sit comfortably in a quiet place, with the spine up tall
Close the eyes and bring your attention to the breath
Breath quietly and patiently in and out through the nose

Recall that equanimity arises through continued mindfulness
Be mindful right here and right now, of sensation in the body,
Mindful, here and now, of movement or changes in the breath
And mindful, always, of activity in the mind itself

And then make a commitment to stay mindful or body, breath and mind
In each moment as you contemplate the following pairs of words…

The first is praise and blame
Contemplate the reaction in your body, or your mind, when someone compliments you. In what ways do compliments throw you off balance?
And what would it feel like, to receive a compliment, yet remain stable in body, breath and mind?
And when you receive criticism?
In what ways do you lose your balanced state of mind?
And is it possible to receive criticism, and with mindfulness, remain present, and undisturbed.
How does your body respond to praise, and how does it respond to blame?
Be present with the sensation that arises as you sit with the concepts of praise and blame.

Cultivating Equanimity

(pause 3-5 breaths)

And now contemplate gain and loss
What arises in body and mind when you reflect upon gain and loss?
Do you feel pushed, or pulled in any one direction?
Reflect briefly upon an experience when you got exactly what you wanted,
Or recall an experience when you lost something dear to you.
What would it feel like to hold space equally for both the joy and the suffering?
Notice in the body, what it might be like to extend warmth and love equally
To your wins and your losses, and to all the emotions that those two things evoke

(pause 3-5 breaths)

And then think of the duo of pleasure and pain
What arises?
Are you aware of an attachment to pleasure, an aversion to pain?
Or in some ways do you avoid pleasure, and grasp to your pain?
What would it feel like in your body, to equally welcome all sensations?
To allow for the fullness of your human experience, without attachment to any of it?
What surfaces for you, as you contemplate pleasure and pain?

(pause 3-5 breaths)

And then reflect upon these two: fame and ill repute
In what ways are you thrown off balance by what others think of you?
Notice the push and the pull of popularity, recognition, acknowledgement and notoriety
Notice too, how the body reacts to disrespect, dishonor, disregard, or neglect
Notice where attachment lies, where the mind or the body gets stuck
Notice where the body feels tight, or where and why it begins to soften, to open up

(pause 3-5 breaths)

And then turn your attention back to your seat
Back to the connection between your hips, your legs, or your feet and the earth
Turn attention back to the steadiness and the ease of your breath
And with every exhale, feel even more grounded, more rooted and stable

Like an old-growth tree in the forest, you are firmly rooted
Your strong foundation has grown stronger over time

And the weather might change, and the wind might pick up
And you can be pushed and pulled to and fro
But no wind is strong enough to uproot you

You bend, you sway, but you keep returning to center
Never angry at the clouds for passing through
Never pining for a sunny day
You accept it all as it is
Understanding that you could sometimes use the rain

All is welcome
You remain stable
Rooted in your own awareness
Awareness as the home base from which you grow
You are stable, balanced, strong, and free


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