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April 29, 2020
Pleasant vs Unpleasant. Can you separate into parts, the sensation, awareness of the sensation, and the label you’ve given neutral, unpleasant, or pleasant?
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Here’s a Sample of the “Pleasant vs Unpleasant – Guided Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Accompanying Meditation (Pleasant vs Unpleasant)

Find a comfortable seat. This may be on a cushion on the floor, with the hips higher than the knees, or on a chair, with both feet flat on the ground.

However you are sitting, hold the spine upright in a tall, neutral position.
Take a moment to inhale your shoulders up to your ears, and then with a sigh out, release the shoulders down and back.

Soften your belly, soften your thighs, and let your sitz bones drop into your seat a little more.

Notice what’s speaking to you right now, and what needs to adjust.
Adjust if you need to, allow the body to settle in and get quiet.

Once you’re settled, close your eyes, close your lips, and breathe slowly and quietly in and out through your nose.

Follow the awareness of your breath inward, toward your body.

Notice your presence right here and right now,
Nothing to do other than to notice the breath and the body itself.

Let that thought help you settle in further, with greater patience.

(little pause here)

Pleasant vs Unpleasant, Pleasant vs Unpleasant – Guided Script

In this quiet and stillness, guide your attention to your feet.

Open to sensation in the feet. Your toes, instep, arches, heels and ankles.
What do you notice?
Is it pleasant? Unpleasant? Neutral?

And if you notice nothing, take note of that too.
Is the absence of sensation in the feet pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral?

Whatever arises, lend it a quick label, and then we move on.

Notice sensation in the lower legs.
Pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral sensation in the calves, shins, or knees.

And then the upper legs.
Neutral, pleasant or unpleasant in the thighs, hamstrings, sits bones, and pelvis.

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