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Impermanence Meditation

Impermanence Meditation. We cannot know the future. Anything can happen at any moment and our lives are so fragile and precious.

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Impermanence Meditation” Guided Meditation Script:

Sit comfortably in a quiet place, free from distractions
With your eyes closed, gently focus your attention on the breath
With each exhale breath, feel your hips, thighs, and feet settle into your seat a bit more With each inhale breath, feel a slight lengthening of you spine, a lift through the crown of your head

Notice into the movement of the breath, and the subtle movement of the body
Each supporting the other in holding you upright, yet grounded

You are relatively still, but there is always movement present
Always change. Always process.
Always an ebb and flow.
Notice the continual presence of change in your breath, and in your body

(pause 3 breaths)

And now silently say to yourself, “my death is certain”
As you speak the words, remain aware of your breath and your body
Notice any change, tightness, tension,
And use exhale breath to release it and let it go

Impermanence Meditation

Just as the breath rises and falls
Every single thing in this world comes into existence, stays for a while, and then dissipates again
You are not exempt from this natural order of things
This natural ebb and flow
You are part of this cycle
And you too, will someday no longer be here

As you contemplate this, stay present with body and breath
Stay tall, but relaxed
At ease in your shoulders, your belly, your hips

(pause 3 breaths)

And now silently say to yourself, “the time of my death is uncertain”
As you speak these words, notice any changes in your body, or a response through the breath
Take care to continue breathing patiently, fully
Take care to allow the body to soften

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