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Imagining Your Inner Land To Build Healthy Boundaries

Imagining Your Inner Land. This script explores the idea of creating healthy boundaries and nourishing oneself through a garden visualization. This may be more beneficial for older children, though it can be practiced with younger kids too.

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Your inner land

This guided meditation is for helping you build healthy and purposeful boundaries.

When you make a healthy boundary for yourself then things that sometimes have hurt you in the past will not be able to reach you anymore.

Boundaries give to as well by providing some life essentials.

So, let's begin as we always by breathing together.

Take 5 deep breaths now with me to oxygenate your body, and all of its systems.

As you feel the weight of your body and how it presses down, make sure that your spine is completely straight, and your posture exudes that you are confident.

Gently close your eyes increasing your ability to focus.

As you breathe easily and gently you feel safe and relaxed, my voice guiding you is like a beacon of light through the darkness.

As the sun rises you see you are standing in beautiful lush green grass and there is a small house that you've built by hand in the middle of it.

This house represents you and all the work that you put into yourself and the grass represents the world outside of you.

You decide that it would be good to plant some trees and some shrubs so that these plants will aid in protecting you from harm, and they also benefit the world.

For example, a Raspberry bush is very spiky and dense, yet it gives a bounty of fruits for us to enjoy and be nourished by.

If you plant many in a row, they will protect you as well as a tall electric fence, but this plant also gives.

It serves two purposes.

When you plant tall trees, they will protect you from harsh winds if placed in a way that is good through all of the seasons.

Tall trees supply us with the most oxygen therefore they are giving while also protecting.

The trees also serve many purposes here.

You look at these beautiful life forces that you are planting on your land and you notice they need a water source.

You find the lowest lying area and begin digging down and around making the shape of a small pond.

Imagining Your Inner Land To Build Healthy Boundaries

As you step back from the circle of dirt you've created you know that only a few heavy rains need to pour down and it will begin to fill and turn into a natural source of water.

This pond serves many purposes on your land.

It not only provides you and the wildlife with water, but it also gives you somewhere to go to meditate and reflect on the good things in your life and the good things that you do for others.

Closer to your house you see you need some vegetables and fruits so create a garden that is easy for you to access and water when necessary.

You plant all of the fruits you like and any kind of Vegetables you need.

Your garden flourishes and provides.

All this garden needs from you is to be tended to.

You look around and you see you need an Orchard.

So you strategically plant many apple trees and other fruiting trees, right next to the protected area by the big tall trees and a little closer to the pond so that they can drink.

This Orchard supplies you with the most delicious apples you've ever tasted and their nutrients are off the charts.

You look around your plot of land and you are proud.

Not only do all these plants protect you and your home but they give to you and the community around them.

So make sure you work on the garden within you and put up proper barriers that if planted well and with love and care, they also give.

You are protected and allowed to lead a happy life.

And lastly look again at your hand built home and make any necessary changes to it.

You are an excellent builder, after all.

Good job today.


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