Make Exercise Fun

Most consider exercise to be an arduous task and make excuses to avoid it at all costs. When we think of exercise, we often envisage crowded gyms filled with sweaty people who occupy the machines [...]

The Mind Body Problem

“The so-called Mind-Body problem is one of the greatest and most quietly painful conundrums in philosophy – and more importantly, in everyday life. The problem is rooted in the fact that in the [...]

Rain on the Nile

Here Is Your Free Ebook:   The Source of Creation From a talk given during the Easter Retreat, Amaravati, 1991 As monastics, we are often asked where creativity fits into our way of life. [...]

On Love

Here Is Your Free Ebook:   On Love by Ajahn Jayasaro I’ve always liked stories, and particularly stories that require the reader to suffer a little bit and shed a few tears on the way before [...]

Intuitive Awareness

Here Is Your Free Ebook:   TWENTY YEARS AGO, in 1984, the germinal monastic community of the newly opened Amaravati Buddhist Centre settled into a cluster of barrack-like buildings on a [...]

Kindness is Great

The common perception tends to be that a quality like kindness or loving kindness or compassion is a sort of weakness, that it makes you sort of silly or very complacent, that you’re only [...]

Beginning Our Day, Volume 2

Here Is Your Free Ebook: Avoiding the Second Arrow Luang Por Pasanno • November 2013 The obvious thing for me right now is carrying this cold around:a thick head and not much energy. It’s helpful [...]

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