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April 1, 2020
Pain- Breathing and Deep Body Scan (A Meditation Script). Pain is just an experience we are aware of. Can you send this experience compassion?
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Here’s a Sample of the “Pain- Breathing and Deep Body Scan” Guided Meditation Script:

Breathing is the most natural thing in the world, yet we tend to forget about it throughout our days

Let’s honor our breath now, and how it brings us in the present moment so that we can relax….

Take 5 significant and purposeful breaths.

1 fully inhale…. expanding your belly and chest as much as you can.

Holding it for a moment…

And exhale…. feeling a wave of relaxation sweep over you…

2 inhale…. filling your entire breathing system with fresh oxygen.

Hold it…

And exhale…. the wave of relaxation gently sweeping over you…

3 inhale…. so that you are brimming with air.

Holding it….. soaking in oxygen…

And exhale…. your body relaxes in different areas, without any effort…

Pain- Breathing and Deep Body Scan, Pain- Breathing and Deep Body Scan

4 fully inhale…. feeling these breaths purifying your entire body…

Exhaling…. just notice how you are feeling..

And 5…. a beautiful breath coming in.…hold it, feeling invigorated from oxygen…

And exhale…. allowing relaxation to sweep over you…

Take note of how you feel at this very moment.

You now have an abundance of oxygen.

This is how we are created to feel.

Breathing deeply and fully is an expression of self-compassion.

Let your breath become natural, and just notice how abundance feels.


Let your eyes wander around, looking at all the things around you without looking too long at anything in particular.

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