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According to Eckhart Tolle, dealing with somebody else's pain sometimes requires removing yourself for a while to allow the episode to subside. Silence may be tempting, but it can only fuel the fire of another's pain-body.

This clip is taken from a special edition of Eckhart Tolle Answers – 10 profound inquiries into the nature of fear, the mind, faith, aliveness and more where he talks about the presence required for this challenge. This segment details the steps one must take when dealing with someone else’s pain.

"How do I respond without responding to the ego of the pain-body of another person. Silence seems to only fuel their fire. When somebody has been taken over by the pain-body, probably anything you do will fuel the fire. Staying silent or not saying anything may fuel the fire and whatever you say may fuel the fire even more."

Eckhart Tolle really has great insights on dealing with the pain-body. Hopefully, you can use this to further expand your mindfulness practice and be better at dealing with stressful situations.

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