Guided Relaxation and Healing for Children & Parents

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This guided relaxation and healing for children and parents can really help the family heal as one. Also offers a great bonding activity for the family.

Published and Updated May 25, 2010

Tension, anxiety, anger, fear, and confusion can be replaced by relaxation and healing within minutes after children and parents watch this video.
Have your children or students listen once a day to make learning easier. It can be used in the classroom, or at home. For even better results, use twice daily.
Parents. Don’t be shy about using this! IT WORKS. You will feel so relaxed and peaceful within minutes.


Gently let your eyes close and feel the weight of your body sinking. Let your breathing become deeper. Breathe into your belly and each time you breathe out, you can feel the muscles in your body letting go of any tension. You can feel them becoming soft and relaxing.

There’s nothing you need to do here. You’re free. There’s nowhere else you need to be except here now. Relax your belly. Let it grow big each time you breathe in.

Relax your forehead. Let your forehead be smoothed and soft-ed. Relax your chest. Let yourself be open and just tilt your head back if you’re sitted in a chair. Tilt it back a little bit you’re looking up as though your forehead is open to the sun, and your chest, and your belly together with your belly are connected with the sun. And imagine the sun is giving you power, filling you with power. Power that’s soaking through your skin. Power that you’re absorbing with every cell of your body. From your toes to your hands, to the top of your head. You just relax in your body. Relaxing your arms. Relaxing your legs.

Just become aware now, of all the empty space around you. It’s very calm, very peaceful. It feels good. I want you to imagine now that you are feeling the space around you. That you’ve expanded beyond your body, that your body is expanding broader. You can forget everything now. You can forget school. You can forget your friends, your family, and just expand your body. Feel the space around you. Let your body expand and grow big, and soft. Feel the room. Now that you feel light and peaceful, imagine that you’re floating. Floating through space. Passing stars, huge planets, moons. Drifting. Just drifting. A million, twinkling bright stars all around you.

Drifting. And you’re so happy and free all that exists is one big smile. You’re smile. And two big, wide eyes looking out, observing the amazing, vast universe. Just keep drifting and experience it. And when you’re ready, slowly start to come back, and gently open up your eyes and stretch. Rub your hands together a little bit and have a great rest of the day.

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