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Mindful Of Your Food And Eating

Mindful of Your Food And Eating. This script encourages heightened awareness of one’s experience during a simple bite. Since we don’t often eat in this slow and mindful way, this practice is a powerful application of mindfulness that will spark some interesting conversations around the table.

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Eating Mindfully

Eating is an opportunity to nourish your body while nourishing your mindfulness practice.

You can do this practice in any position, but it is helpful to stay still while eating.

This minimizes unnecessary stimulus and helps you focus on the experience.

You can do this with any food. I recommend starting with something simple, like raisins, berries, or a few of your favorite vegetables.

Begin by taking in the food visually. Notice the colors, shapes, and sizes.

As you look at the food, notice the urge to start eating.

There is nothing wrong with hunger, but allow the cravings to come and go.

Return to the sight of the food.

Next, investigate the smell of the food.

Some foods may have stronger aromas than others, and you may have to hold the food up to your nose

Be present for the experience of smelling.

When the mind begins craving, just return to the smell in front of you.

Before eating, take a brief moment to appreciate the energy that went into its production.

People worked to grow this food and bring it to you.

Nature provided nutrients, rainwater, and sunshine.

Maybe somebody cooked, cleaned, or packaged it for you.

Bring into your mind all of the energy from various sources that came together to create this meal.

Now, slowly pick up the food.

Mindful of Your Food and Eating

If you are using any utensils, tune in to the experience of touch as you feel the utensil.

Mindfully feel how the food or utensil feels in your hand. Is the food stiff, soft, cold, or warm?

As you put the food in your mouth, notice the desire to chew and swallow quickly.

Instead, start by feeling the temperature of the food.

Holding the food in your mouth, can you feel the shape?

As you begin chewing, notice the texture of the food.

Does it change as you continue to chew?

Notice the flavors.

You may have a hard time doing more than simply labeling what you’re eating, such as “It’s a raspberry.”

Try to dig a little deeper. Are there multiple flavors present?

Pay attention to the changing of flavors as you continue to chew.

When you swallow your bite, tune in to the experience of swallowing.

What does it feel like as the food moves down the throat?

You may also notice the desire to quickly have another bite.

Pause and notice if any flavor remains in the mouth for a moment.

You can continue eating like this, reminding yourself to slow down and be present.

Continue to check in with the sights, smells, tastes, feelings, and thoughts that arise.

When you finish eating, allow yourself to feel gratitude for the food that is nourishing your body.

Let the mind relax into a state of appreciation for the energy and life.


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