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January 8, 2024

When we think about meditation, we might imagine a practice that requires our eyes to be closed. However, meditation can be explored through all of our senses - including through our sense of sight. This color meditation script explores just that. It is a practice for increasing awareness of your visual field.  

When we bring awareness to the world around us in this way, we start to notice things that are easily overlooked. We call upon openness, curiosity, and the beginner’s mind. This type of meditation seeing colors can enhance awe and wonder, quieting the mind and clarifying what is here and now.

In this guided practice, you’ll start seeing colors in meditation. This isn’t because you’re visualizing them; it’s because they’re right in front of you, yearning for your attention.

  • Practice Time: Approx. 10 minutes
  • Purpose: Increasing sight awareness
  • May Help With: Awe, Wonder, Awareness, Clarity
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “A Color Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Color Your World

The world is full of different colors, and you can practice mindfulness by paying attention to which ones you are seeing in the present moment.

Seeing is a different experience from tuning in to the breath or body, but it offers the same opportunity to be deeply present.

We rely heavily on our sense of sight, making it a powerful tool for the cultivation of mindfulness.

You can do this practice anywhere.

You may be sitting at your desk, taking a ride on the bus, or walking down the street.

Wherever you decide to do this practice, set aside 10 minutes to dedicate yourself to it.

Arrive in the present moment.

color meditation script, A Color Meditation Script

Take a few mindful breaths, feel the body where it is, and allow your energy to settle.

Pick one color to focus on.

You may try starting with red one day, and work your way through the traditional rainbow spectrum on each subsequent day.

Find one thing you can see that is the color you have picked.

Look at it with beginner’s mind, as if you have never seen this thing before.

Note what it is and its size and shape.

How to Use the Color Meditation Script

The color meditation script is a less conventional practice than many other meditations. However, it is just as useful for enhancing present moment awareness - whether for yourself or while guiding others. If you are using this meditation for personal use, you might:

  • Read through the practice to get a sense of it. Then, find a quiet and comfortable place to sit and practice.
  • Record yourself reading this script and then practice with your recorded guidance.

To guide others through this practice, you might:

  • Use this meditation script during a mindfulness retreat, showing that mindfulness is about more than sitting, closing our eyes, and breathing.
  • Lead a nature meditation where you invite your students to observe a particular color (i.e. green) within the outdoor environment.
  • Record this meditation and share it with your students via social media or your website.


The world around you is brimming with color. Often, we forget to notice the beauty of the infinite shades around us. Awaken your sense of sight to the colors of meditation - to the masterpiece that surrounds you. May this color meditation script awaken your (or your students) sense of awe, curiosity, and wonder.

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