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January 7, 2024


The teenage years can be a time of great stress. As we navigate this time of significant growth and change, we may feel pressure to become something or someone other than who we are. In this guided meditation for teens, we are invited to connect to the breath and the body. We spend time sitting with the relaxed and happy version of ourselves, recognizing that as enough. 

This teen meditation is appropriate for those between 13-19 years of age. It begins with a grounding introduction to the practice of breath and body awareness. Having established mindfulness, listeners are then guided to recall a moment of laughter, sensing into what happiness and contentment feel like in the body. From this place of serene presence, the guide then introduces a few empowering mantras, which speak directly to the teenage experience.

We are always in the process of becoming. There are moments in life, including adolescence, when this process is imbued with great expectation, resulting in stress. With mindfulness meditation, teens can learn to balance becoming with simply being, something all of us can benefit from.     

  • Practice Time: <15 minutes
  • Purpose: Enhancing authentic self-confidence
  • May Help With: Grounding, Reduced Anxiety, Relaxation
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “Believe in Yourself: A Meditation for Teens” Guided Meditation Script:

Meditation for teens

This is a meditation for those of you between the ages of 13 and 19.

This session will guide you to relax, and fully believe in yourself.

Have a seat on the ground with your legs crossed, and your spine straight, or you can be sitting in a chair, just make sure you keep your posture tall and dignified during this session.

If you would like to lay down and fully relax, that’s fine too.

You can do this meditation in different positions to see what’s best for you.

Let’s begin by acknowledging something that is keeping you alive since the very beginning of your life, oxygen.

Breathing is the most important thing we do, we cannot go for longer than 2 minutes or so without breath, yet most of us do not even notice we are breathing all day.

So, let’s honor our breath now by taking 5 deep and full breaths together in a moment, letting each breath fill you will energy, and each time you exhale, allow yourself to feel deeply relaxed.

meditation for teens, Believe in Yourself: A Meditation for Teens

Take 5 significant and purposeful breaths.

1 fully inhale…. expanding your belly and chest as much as you can.

Holding it for a moment…

And exhale…. feeling a wave of relaxation sweep over you…

2 inhale…. filling your entire breathing system with fresh oxygen.

Hold it…

And exhale…. the wave of relaxation gently sweeping over you…

3 inhale…. so that you are brimming with air.

Holding it….. soaking in oxygen…

And exhale…. your body relaxes in different areas, without any effort…

4 fully inhale…. feeling these breaths purifying your entire body…

Exhaling…. just notice how you are feeling..

And 5…. a beautiful breath coming in.…hold it, feeling invigorated from oxygen…

And exhale…. allowing relaxation to sweep over you…

Take note of how you feel at this very moment.

How to Use the Believe in Yourself Teen Meditation Script

How you use this guided meditation script for teens may depend on who your audience is. Younger teens or those new to meditation may benefit from a more explanatory, yet shorter practice. Older teens or those with more experience may benefit from a slow-paced reading that allows for more quiet reflection.  

This guided meditation for teenagers is perfect for parents, teachers, counselors or anyone who works with kids. You might even use it to encourage older, more practiced teens to share meditation with others. Read it as is or edit the script to make it your own. Check out our teen affirmations list to share it with groups or and improve mindfulness teaching. Share it with groups or individuals, in person or online.    

Parents who meditate may feel a sense of urgency around sharing the practice with their children. While this is perfectly normal, it’s important to introduce meditation to teens in a manner that allows them agency. This includes letting your teen decide whether or not they want to meditate. If your teen seems resistant to meditation, sometimes the best thing we can do is to continue with our own practice, offering a lived example of the benefits of meditation.  


Unfortunately, losing confidence is common as we enter our teenage years. Teens with low confidence are at greater risk for anxiety, depression and the consequences of living with low self-esteem. Mindfulness meditation for teens can help adolescents build confidence. Introduce a teen you love to meditation, and you’ll be introducing them to a skill that will benefit them in this special time of transition and those to come.

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