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Visualizing Your Peaceful and Beautiful Place

Visualizing Your Peaceful and Beautiful Place. This is a guided meditation script that takes you to your special peaceful & calming place to enjoy & relax.

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Visualization is a powerful method
that allows you to use your
imagination to help you relax.

I don’t want you to do this
when you’re driving,
but I’d like you to return
to it later when you can
find a quiet time to relax.

Simply find a comfortable spot,
listen to my voice,
and follow my direction.

Take a moment to sit back and relax.

Gently close your eyes
and breathe deeply into your abdomen.

Feel yourself in your body,
right now in this moment.

As you breathe,
allow your body to
completely and fully relax.

Stress is flowing out of you
with each breath.

Your body is becoming limp
and comfortable.

Let the tension in your brow go.

Let the tension in your lips go.

Let the tension in your eyes go.

Just relax in the comfortable
darkness that surrounds you.

Visualizing Your Peaceful and Beautiful Place

Once you feel completely relaxed and centered,
start to bring yourself to one of your favorite,
peaceful, beautiful places.

This could be a place you’ve been before
like a silent redwood grove with cool shade
and towering ancient trees
that protect you in their mammoth embrace,
or a white sand beach where
the ocean waves gently lap the shore
and the smell of the sea
makes you feel at home.

It could be a place built entirely
in your imagination,
a lovely, slowly swaying bridge that you stand on,
watching a babbling brook flow away beneath it,
or an ancient oak in the autumn,
something out of an old legend,
or golden leaves fall around you
as you sit under the shade
and watch the golden orange sun
pass over the horizon into twilight.

Wherever this special,
peaceful place is for you,
take some time to imagine it
as completely as you can all around you.

Once you have your special place in mind,
bring yourself into the picture.

Imagine that you’re in this
beautiful place.

Put yourself there.

Take a walk and look at the lovely,
peaceful, relaxing surroundings.

pause for a while...

Before you were looking at this peaceful scene
like a painting from a distance.

Now you’re in the scene.

You’re living it.

Be there right now.

What do you see around you?

There’s no need to actually
verbally answer this question.
Just look around
and see what you see.

What in this scene is most
relaxing to you?

Take a walk in this special place
and see all that you can see.

What do you smell in the air?

Can you smell the trees and the soil
of the forest floor beneath you?

Do you smell the salty air
of the ocean side?

Bring scent into your visualization.

Smell the air where you are.

Reach out and touch something
that’s attractive and peaceful to you.

How does it feel?

Is it soft to your touch?

pause for a moment...

You’re living in the scene.

You can feel the ground beneath you
and the air on your skin.

How does it feel?

Take a moment to listen.

What sounds do you hear
in this beautiful new surrounding?

Can you hear birds chirping
in the woods?

Do you hear the ocean waves
in their perpetual booming rhythm?

Perhaps there is music from an
ancient flute in the background,

or maybe you hear the voice of
an old friend that soothes and calms you.

Whatever you hear,
take a moment now
to enjoy listening to it.

You can stay in this scene
as long as you want to,
enjoying this moment of relaxation
that you’ve taken for yourself.

Feel free to walk around in this
special place as long as you want.

It’s yours.

You can change the scene as you wish.

Remember that this special place
is always here for you.


You can come back to it
whenever you wish.

You need not be afraid to lose it.

It’s always with you.

The relaxation that you feel
right now at this moment
in your body is yours to call on
any time you wish.

When you’re ready,
slowly let the scene before you
dissolve back into your mind.

Allow yourself to slowly come back
to the comfortable darkness that
was there before you imagined
your special place.

When you’re ready in your own time,
you can slowly open your eyes
and come back to this moment,
this time, and this reality.

Before you get up,
take a moment to note how relaxed
you feel right now,
and then slowly, attentively,
lovingly move on with your daily life.


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