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January 26, 2024


At the end of a busy day, it’s not always easy to quiet the mind and fall asleep. Sleep meditation helps bring calm to the body and mind, often by using visualization. Use this sleep meditation script to guide yourself or others on a steady, soothing train ride to deep rest. 

Sleep meditation visualizations often take the form of a journey, in this case, a sleepy train ride. The steady rhythm of the train ride, the imagined sounds and scenery, gently lull us into a state of restful calm. This sleep meditation script also makes use of some sleep affirmations, which are introduced as we enter a more restful state. 

Sleep meditation is appropriate for all levels, including those who have never meditated before.   

  • Practice Time: <15 minutes
  • Purpose: Sleep Meditation
  • May Help With: Improved Sleep, Relaxation, Stress Release
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “A Restful Train Ride Sleep Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Hello and welcome to this meditation.

I am going to guide you into a restful sleep by taking you on a relaxing train ride through the beautiful countryside.

Find a comfortable position now and make sure that you will not be disturbed so that you get a restful sleep.

Get as comfortable as you can now, and at any time along the way you need to reposition yourself to get even more pleasant sleep, you can do so.

Begin to let go of all the tension you build up throughout the day.

Any worries you accumulated seem to lose their power and intensity as you settle down for the night.

Feeling cozy now, allow your breath to begin to slow down with each breath you take.

A nice full breath in….and slowly exhale.

Letting your breath return to normal now, just observe your mind and how it is thinking of various things about your life and your day.

sleep meditation, A Restful Train Ride Sleep Meditation Script

Observe how perhaps visuals of moments flash in your mind or maybe you feel them, you may be able to hear sounds with your thoughts as they present themselves.


Letting images from your life fade now, bring into your imagination that you are walking towards a long train, that is parked along the countryside.

The Engine of the train is stopped at an old station in the middle of nowhere, and the long train extends into the horizon.

You are walking several sections back, and you notice an open wagon.

You see the workers getting ready to depart, and steam is billowing out from the engine.

You hop on the open wagon and find it is filled with fresh hay.

You hear the train horn blowing, and the sounds of distant voices calling “all aboard”.

You lay down in the hay and it is perfectly comfortable.

How to Use this Sleep Meditation Script

Typically, we try to stay awake and alert during meditation. With sleep meditation, the opposite is true. So, sleep meditations are rarely guided in person, and more often delivered via audio or video. Of these, audio is preferred as the blue light from a video screen can interfere with sleep.

To record your sleep meditation script for audio, familiarize yourself with the script by reading it out loud several times. Allow for the edits that feel most natural to you, so your authentic voice shines through. 

As this is a meditation for sleep, take care to read slowly. As the script progresses, you may want to allow for longer periods of quiet between each set of cues.  


Meditation can help us fall asleep sooner, and sleep more deeply. This train ride meditation for sleep is a beginner-friendly practice that can help guide practitioners into a more restful state. Use this sleep meditation script to create audio for your own sleepless nights, or use it to share sleep meditation with others. 

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