Relaxing Sleep Music

Jason Stephenson’s sleep music and guided meditations are a great way to relax deeply, let go of stress and help you go to sleep fast & finally enjoy 100% deep sleep. Relaxing Sleep [...]

Peaceful Sleep Music

“Love” Calming Sleep: Beautiful peaceful music that can be listened to with headphones or speakers for deep relaxation, sleep or meditation. ~ Jason Stephenson’s sleep music and [...]

Get Some Headspace

Meditation only works if we do it. We can talk about it, read about it and think about it, but only when we take the time to sit and practice will we experience meaningful and lasting change, for [...]

Relax in Virtual Reality

  Meditation made simple & visual. Available now for Gear VR. Coming soon for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life [...]

Meditation | Flare

  The sun broke through the clouds for just a few minutes after several days of darkness during hurricane Irene. The chaos of the wind combined with the stunning beauty of the sunset [...]

Ajahn Chah: It’s Like This

Here Is Your Free Ebook: Introduction A Dhamma talk given at Abhayagiri Monastery in September of 2012 by Pasanno Bhikkhu Tomorrow I am invited to teach a day-long retreat at Spirit Rock [...]

On Love

Here Is Your Free Ebook:   On Love by Ajahn Jayasaro I’ve always liked stories, and particularly stories that require the reader to suffer a little bit and shed a few tears on the way before [...]

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