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June 7, 2017

Jack Kornfield talks about Joy of Virtue or Happiness of Integrity. Relating virtue to morality without harming any form of life and respecting nature.

The Joy of Virtue

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In this talk by Jack Kornfield on ‘The Joy of Virtue,’ we are guided into an understanding of the relationship between happiness and integrity. Is morality truly connected to happiness and joy? Kornfield explains that yes, these aspects of life are truly interconnected.

A Key to Happiness

Kornfield explains that who we really are comes down to our integrity, or our virtue. As we share and express our goodness, we naturally come into harmony and resonance with who we are at our core, and this is what leads to true happiness. Many teachers express this understanding, that peace comes from our integrity.

Various practices shine through in our practice of virtue. Kornfield explains this by saying, “Through the practice of virtue, there is compassion, there is mindfulness, there is patience. All the great virtues come together.” By harnessing our integrity and morality, we practice all of the other interwoven teachings.

Practices for Integrity

Since integrity is embedded in all other mindfulness practices, we can follow the heart towards the practices that most resonate with our deepest yearnings in a particular moment. From loving kindness meditations to practices related to stress and anxiety, we enhance our morality in both conscious and unconscious ways as we expand our embodiment of mindfulness, compassion, and presence.

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