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Noticing What Brings You Joy

Noticing What Brings You Joy: One of the most pleasant ways to cultivate mindfulness is to notice the things that bring you joy.

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One of the most pleasant ways to cultivate mindfulness is to notice the things that bring you joy.

By taking the time to appreciate these moments, you are training the mind to recognize more of them in the future.

In this practice, you will be taking a short walk and noticing what makes you happy.

Find somewhere to walk. It may be in a park, on a trail, or around your block.
You do not need to be anywhere special.

Before starting to walk, stand and take a few deep breaths.

Notice the feeling of breathing at your nostrils.

Ground yourself in the sensation of your feet on the ground, tuning in to the weight of the body and the gravity holding you down.

Begin walking at a normal pace.

While moving, look for something you like.

You may not love everything you see or experience, but there are likely sights, feelings, and sounds that you like.

It can be as simple as a color or a shape of a thing (not even the actual thing itself).

When you notice something you like, say to yourself, “I like that tree,” or “I like the color blue,” or “I like the birds chirping.”

Say this silently in your head whenever you notice something you enjoy.

Or you can say it out loud if you want!

Remember, there is no right or wrong with this practice.

Be true to yourself and whatever you like.

Noticing What Brings You Joy

When the mind wanders off or falls into judgment, come back to the present moment by grounding yourself in the feeling of the feet on the ground as you walk.

Then open back up to the experiences you are enjoying.

After 15 minutes or so have passed, you can return to your day.

Make some effort to bring this practice with you into your life.

Whenever you notice something you enjoy—

however subtle it may be—

note to yourself that you like it.


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