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September 22, 2015

Guided mindfulness meditation on joy. Feel the joy within you & the space you’re in and the ones you love and in all things. Let yourself be here.

Published on Mar 14, 2014

There is great joy in life. There is deep, profound joy in simply being.
This peaceful guided meditation will remind you of the radiant energy of life in you, and in all things.


Make sure that you are sitting comfortably in whatever position suits you. You may wish to close your eyes right now, or even focus on something for a bit before you allow them to close. In this next few minutes of meditation, this is your time to simply be. To be reminded of the radiant energy of life in you, and in all things.

There is great joy in life. There is deep profound joy in simply being. As you allow your mind to focus on my voice, turn your attention to your breathing. You don’t have to change how you breathe. Just focus on it as it happens. Feel the air gently enter to your nostrils and calmly escape as you exhale. For every moment in every day of your life, you are continuously breathing in and out. This cycle, this ritual is one of the purest essences of your life, yet how rarely you think on it.

Now, feel your belly gently rise and fall. And the air continues to flow even so gently in and out. Becoming increasingly present in this moment. As you do this, you notice a thought into your mind. Perhaps it’s about something that happened to you recently, or maybe a reminder of something that you must do before the end of the day. Whenever you sense one of these thoughts, it’s okay. Recognize it, but don’t follow it any further.

Once you gently process the thought, let your attention calmly return to your breathing. Don’t get frustrated to yourself when thoughts keep popping into your mind. Simply let them be as they are, and continue to calmly redirect to your attention as you let yourself become relaxed and comfortable.

As you continue this enjoyable process, the air gently moving to your lungs. Turn your attention to your body. Think about where your fingertips are right now. Even if you do not move them, you can sense them and space. Now, envision your toes. You might feel a slight tingle as you direct your attention to them. Now, focus on eyelids. They may feel heavy, relaxed. Realize how good it feels to let your eyes sit ever so gently closed as your breath continues to calmly flow in and out. Now, the next time you take a breath, when you exhale, imagine the warm wave of relaxation flowing from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes.

Did you notice that tingling sensation throughout your body? Isn’t it an amazing sense to bring to your own being without even a single movement? Every few breathes, when it feels right to you, try the same process. Slowly, exhaling and feeling a warm, gentle wave of relaxation flow slowly from your head to your toes. Have you noticed any tension that you weren’t previously aware of? Maybe you’re holding something on your shoulders or your jaw. The next time you send that calming wave through your body, let any tensed muscles just to let go and relax. And each time you think of this, imagine a doubling of your relaxation. As the wave slowly moves down your body. You can do it. You may be realizing just how simple this process is. Yet greatly it’s calming your nerves. To realize yourself is the most profound thing you can do. Yet, we saw often forget to pay attention, but not now. Now is your time to be in the moment. Now is your time to be.

Joy—you are capable of feeling intense, wonderful, profound joy right now. You may feel joy and thinking about certain moments in the past, but there is no joy in the past because the past is not real. It’s merely a memory, but you are experiencing it in the present. There is also no joy in the future because the future is not real. It is the only anticipation, which can itself be joy, but you are experiencing it in the present. There can only be joy in this moment. Right now. And it can be yours.

Feel the present joy that exists within you. It is a joy to breathe. Take a breath to focus on this thought. In that one breath, say it to yourself. It is a joy to breathe. With subsequent breathes, repeat these ___ to yourself: I am alive. It is a joy to be alive. I have a beating heart. It is a joy to have a beating heart. I can feel the energy in my body. It is a joy to feel this energy. Now, fill in more breathes with your own joys. Take a moment to think on it, and then say them to yourself in this next few moments. Now that you’re in the serene state, not yourself simply continue to enjoy each moment as you continue to feel the air slowly move through your nostrils and feel your lungs. You let go of desire and simply enjoy this moment. Here and now.

Feel the joy within you and the space you’re in and the ones you love. Feel the joy in all things. Let yourself be here. Now.

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Sean Fargo

Sean Fargo is the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, a former Buddhist monk of 2 years, a trainer for the mindfulness program born at Google, an Integral Coach from New Ventures West, and an international mindfulness teacher trainer. He can be reached at [email protected]