Are you a parent who’s looking to pass on to the next generation, mindfulness? James Baraz offers this mindfulness talk on awakening joy for kids.

How to Awaken Joy In Kids with Mindfulness

As a parent, practicing mindfulness, compassion, and joy in your daily life isn’t always easy. You start your day with the best of intentions, but the next thing you know one (or more) of your children is having a meltdown before you can even get out the door.

How can you foster and nurture mindfulness, joy, and compassion in both yourself and your children? Is there a way to live your life mindfully and pass that trait along to your kids?

Living Joyfully and Mindfully

James Baraz has been a mindfulness meditation teacher since 1978. He co-founded the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, and he has since written two books on joy: Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness and Awakening Joy for Kids. Today, James Baraz travels around the world and teaches Awakening Joy workshops and retreats.

James decided to team up with Michele Lilyanna, 25-year classroom teacher, to write a book and offer talk and workshops on how to awaken joy in both ourselves and our children. In this free hour-long mindfulness talk, James discusses some of the techniques and practices outlined in his book, Awakening Joy for Kids.

While we may already have a mindfulness practice of our own, we might still feel as though there’s a disconnect between this practice on the one hand and our children (and our relationship with our children) on the other. Here, James discusses the practices that teachers, caregivers, and parents can implement to nourish both themselves and children.

Trying to approach mindfulness with our children in exactly the same way that we approach it as adults doesn’t always produce the best results. That’s why James has put together a guide targeted specifically at awakening joy in both ourselves and our children. We hope you enjoy this hour-long mindfulness talk.

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