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The following is a video guide for Self-Love Affirmations. This will imbibe in you an increased self worth by telling yourself something you already know deep inside: I am Beautiful

Affirm your self worth and love with these spoken affirmations.

Affirmations used:
I am beautiful in all ways
I respect who I am
I am confident in all aspects of myself
My beauty is natural
I am confident with who I am
I release negativity
I fill my mind with positive thoughts
I attract so much beauty into my life
I am healthy and happy
I love me just the way I am
I am comfortable in my own skin
I am free of negativity
I like the person I am becoming
I love all aspects of my body
I see the true beauty that I am
I see the beauty within and without
I think positive thoughts about myself and others
I validate myself daily
I have an attractive mind, body and spirit
I like the person I am becoming
I like the person I see in the mirror
Feeling good about myself is my natural birthright
I believe in who I am 100%
Others can see my beauty shine forth
I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful
I am powerful to overcome all negative aspects that present themselves in my life
I confront what I need to do, with love in my heart
I deal with what life throws at me
I have the inner strength to face life head-on
Each day my heart is filled with love, grace and beauty
I am confident of the person I’m becoming
I have all the willpower I need
Each day I focus on my inner strength
I can protect myself against any hurt that comes my way
Life presents to me joyous circumstances
My inner strength grows stronger each day
I love me and I am worthy to have goodness in my life
I am naturally strong
My inner treasures shine forth


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