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“Me Too” In Popular Mindfulness Communities

Dear friends, With recent accusations of impropriety made against Chade Meng-Tan (founder of Search Inside Yourself – the mindfulness program born at Google), Sakyong Mipham (leader

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Neural Self-Hacking at re:Work 2014

Bill Duane, Google’s Superintendent of Well-Being who leads many of the company’s mindfulness programs, walked participants through a reflective exercise to focus attention, foster compassion, and

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Why Achievers Crash and Burn [Video]

Why do achievers crash and burnout so often? It’s usually because these four horseman of achievement: 1. The Need to Help Everyone 2. Lost Focus 3. No Skill Acquisition 4. No Celebration of Suc...

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Guided Meditation For Self-Acceptance

Self-Acceptance Guided Meditation This is a 10 minute guided meditation that is meant to help you start your day in a calm and loving way. This is day four of our full meditation series and in this video,

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Setting Up “Triggers” to Sustain Habits

When you have big goals, your habits are the wheels on the road to achievement. Without maintaining the right habits, it’s impossible to be a loving human, build your career, or create or contribute

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Sister Dang Nhiem is a nun at Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, CA. She practices Zen Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Sister D shows us the proper way to invite the sound of the bell. She

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Isochronic Tones – Delta Meditation

  This video features my favorite forms of meditation audio; isochronic tones. You will find that these are very powerful and very effective for inducing quiet and profound states. In this video

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How To Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is a sign to pay attention and bring your A-game. You can turn it into drama, a false cataclysmic feeling, or you can use it as a performance enhancement tool. Here’s the three primary sources

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Jealous People [Video]

Dealing with jealousy isn’t easy or pleasant. How do you deal with people in your life who are jealous, while remaining sane and steadfast on your path? Consider the four ideas in this video from

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