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February 1, 2017

This 10-minute guided meditation will help you increase self-acceptance. Successful mindfulness practice involves learning to accept the present as it is.

This is a 10 minute guided meditation that is meant to help you start your day in a calm and loving way. This is day four of our full meditation series and in this video, we will be focusing on self-acceptance. With the idea of finding acceptance in every situation that we encounter in our lives, for ourselves and our current place in life.

In meditation, one of the methods that help anchor ourselves is focusing your mind on a specific mantra. The mantra becomes a wonderful tool to pull you back when your mind wanders and to allow your mind to explore the depths and emotions surrounding that idea at the same time. In this video, I will be providing you with a mantra or centering thought for you to carry through your meditation and into the rest of your day.

“I am doing enough. I have enough. I am enough”.

When you start your meditation practice it's easy to not know what to expect or even to expect something from it as you might get from anything else you “do” in life. But meditation is not a “doing”, it is a “being”. It is learning to find stillness and peace within the idea that the moment you are in, the moment you are experiencing right at that moment is enough.

The trick is that our minds are not used to this way of thinking. Our modern-day lives & culture tend to clutter our conscious thoughts with projections and stress towards the future and the past. Meditation helps us learn to let go. Meditation to me, and what I would like to share with you, is about bathing in the now. And finding peace with exactly who you are, where you are, and that all other chatter in your head can and eventually will be cleansed by the regular practice and training of momentary awareness.

When you start your mind is not used to this. It will fight back and flare up with thoughts and wander and tell you it’s boring and you should stop. These are all normal experiences. Always. The trick is to breathe it in when it happens, see it happening, and exhale it out only to reset your focus again. It’s not a failure. It’s just what happened. And in time it will happen less and less as your focus and mind become more and more accustomed to quiet, peace, and stillness.
More than anything in life, there is no result when you meditate. It is just acceptance. And you.

If you have ever wondered how to meditate? Or were curious about meditation challenges. Wanted to know how to breathe when meditating? How to clear your thoughts? How to bring more abundance and positivity into your life? This guided meditation will help.

There are so many great benefits to meditation once you truly learn to love the process and practice it daily. Through meditation, you will slowly begin to achieve more patience in your everyday life, how to appreciate the simple things, and how to find the space in your mind to spread more love and kindness into the world around you.

Find a comfortable seated position, relax, and follow along on this peaceful and stress releasing mediation for beginners.


Guided Meditation: Self Acceptance

In the modern era, we all have a tendency to want to “become” something. This is putting it quite simply, but the issue itself is actually very complex. It’s important to understand this tendency if we want to improve with our mindfulness practice.

We’re raised with the belief that we need to achieve something and become something new. We need to make something of ourselves. We’re supposed to earn more money than our parents did. We’re supposed to achieve a higher degree in college or graduate school. We’re supposed to take on a certain occupation that other people perceive as a sign of success. We’re supposed to own a certain kind of house, drive a certain kind of car, wear certain kinds of clothes, and do certain kinds of things for fun.

All of these expectations can often go unstated, but they’re there. They drive many of us to strive and struggle throughout our lives, always looking to the “next thing” that we’re going to achieve, buy, or become: the thing that will finally make us happy.

In this meditation, you’ll be guided in the direction of self-acceptance. You’ll practice acknowledging where you stand, and accepting your current state for what it is. Beyond that, you’ll learn to appreciate where you are now. You’ll practice putting an end to the striving that’s constantly trying to take you somewhere different.

A big part of successful mindfulness practice involves being fully present and learning to be satisfied with the present moment. When we’re fully present, we realize that there’s nothing to want for: nothing to achieve, and nothing to become. We’re already perfect right now, exactly as we are. Once you fully accept this and come to truly believe it, you’ll experience greater joy, peace, compassion, and calm in your life. You’ll live with greater clarity, and you’ll appreciate every moment.

About the author 

Sean Fargo

Sean Fargo is the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, a former Buddhist monk of 2 years, a trainer for the mindfulness program born at Google, an Integral Coach from New Ventures West, and an international mindfulness teacher trainer. He can be reached at [email protected]