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November 3, 2016

In this video, Kelley McCabe, founder and CEO of eMindful, explores ten tips for incorporating mindfulness at work. Her insights come at an important time as more people than ever are feeling the effects of workplace stress and unease. Because of this, both employees and employers are becoming increasingly interested in understanding how to use mindfulness in the workplace.

The Benefits of Mindfulness at Work

Before we incorporate mindfulness into the workplace, we may be curious about what its benefits are in this type of setting. After all, many of us consider mindfulness to be something that supports personal wellbeing but not so evidently professional life. However, contrary to what we may assume, there is much reason to welcome these teachings into corporate settings as well.

Mindfulness exercises can help to cultivate a wide variety of skills that are important for both employee and organizational wellbeing. These teachings can help to improve leadership skills, emotional regulation, communication skills, focus, attention, cognition, and innovation. In addition, mindfulness at work can increase job satisfaction and motivation.

There are a variety of specific techniques that can be used in the workplace, such as gratitude practice, 10-minute breathing breaks, and compassionate communication exercises. Both individual and group practice are of great benefit to the whole.

Three Tips for Incorporating Mindfulness at Work

To highlight a few of McCabe’s lessons, the following are three tips for bringing mindfulness into the workplace:

1. Make mindfulness a part of the culture. Mindfulness must be at the heart of the organization rather than a one-time conversation.

2. Support from and involvement by middle managers. Get middle managers onboard so that then can authentically understand the practices and encourage their teams to take part.

3. Support and encourage ongoing engagement. Rather than making mindfulness something that is experienced as a one-off event, consider how you might continue to offer it to your employees.

Check out the full video for all 10 tips McCabe offers for incorporating mindfulness at the workplace.

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