Isochronic Tones – Delta Meditation

A video that features forms of meditation audio called isochronic tones. These are very powerful and very effective for inducing quiet and profound states.

This video features my favorite forms of meditation audio; isochronic tones. You will find that these are very powerful and very effective for inducing quiet and profound states. In this video the music was also combined with amplitude entrainment which is embedded within the audio itself, this was set at a frequency of 3.5hz in order to provide a deep delta experience.

The video itself features fractal animation. I find that these help you enter a much deeper meditation due to the fact that the visual stimulation relaxes the mind allowing the audio to be much more effective. If you pay particularly close attention to the animation you will notice that it pulses inwardly and then outwardly at a very slow rate. Try and match your breathing to this rhythm for the best possible results.

Created through specialized fractal flame software, the entire animation comprises of more than thirty-two thousand individual images which were then converted for use in popular video formats. Post-processing was done in Sony Vegas and Photoshop, where numerous visual enhancements were made.
The brainwave entrainment includes multiple layers of audio, which were synchronized with each other to attain the desired result.

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