Part 1: Gratitude, Mercy & Forgiveness

Grateful people are more compassionate, merciful, generous and forgiving. These qualities lead them to be more hopeful and trusting of themselves, others and their circumstances. Daily life is [...]

Forgiveness Meditation

The acclaimed author and teacher leads a meditation to practice forgiveness of others and of oneself, and to seek forgiveness. Forgiveness Meditation was last modified: September 27th, 2017 by [...]

What Forgiveness Means

The acclaimed teacher and author explains that forgiveness isn’t quick, easy, or sentimental. But it’s invaluable for your own well-being. What Forgiveness Means was last modified: [...]

Part 3: Practices For Redemption

The practice of forgiveness grows from generosity and repetition. To forgive requires letting go of the anger. Working through the anger is imperative to forgiveness work. In a study on the [...]

Lessons in Gratitude

Welcome to this course on Gratitude. My name is Sean Fargo. I am the founder of Mindfulness I am a former Buddhist monk, speaker and trainer. Gratitude is a very important [...]

The Choice to Forgive

Fred Luskin discusses how forgiveness is a choice in every case of loss, and that if forgiveness is chosen, openness will allow you to view life more positively. The Choice to Forgive was last [...]